En Détail

Time seems to stand still in the old bakery, at the candy shop or at the shoe-maker. The photo-serie En Détail lead me to viennese coal merchants, kitchenware- and candyshops, hatmakers, butchers and even to a copper engraver. Most of the shops were founded during the first half of the 20th century. Today many of the shop owner´s are already in retirement age – but they continue to open their shops for costumers, who sometimes only stop by for a little chat.

En Détail – Alte Wiener Läden (Verlag Holzhausen 2002), Texte: Manfred Chobot, Barbara Neuwirth, Harald Friedl, Bodo Hell, Siegfried Hetz, Heinz Janisch, Ilse Krüger, Dine Petrik, Silvia Pistotnig, Norbert Silberbauer, Evelyn Steinthaler, Linda Stift, Christin Siiri Vallinkoski, Monika Vasik, Mella Waldstein
Vorwort: Gerhard Roth; Hardcover, 24 x 24 cm, 156 Seiten, 70 Fotos