“We are born as part of a couple” says Reinhard Schützenhofer. Seven years ago, the octogenarian got married for the second time – this time to his childhood sweetheart. Now he lacks nothing. Are we really destined to be part of a couple? 23 couples tell their stories – how they found each other, what holds them together, and how they’ve grown. Every couple has its own unique story: Iny and Elmar Lorentz co-write bestsellers and go on reading trips in their camper van; Ursula and Christan Gruhl opened a whole-foods restaurant at the age of 80; Judith and Thomas Sinnhuber have married each other twice; Peter Turrini and Silke Hassler have decided to live apart in different villages.

Sonderpaare – Gespräche über das Leben zu zweit (Residenz Verlag 2011)
Text: Christine Haiden; Hardcover, 21x23,5 cm, 160 Seiten, 61 Fotos