Lithuania in June 2002. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, a bath tub in a field. So much light, it´s only dark for a short amount of time. This is how I discover lithuania. I´m completely taken in by the warmth of the people who come towards me. The fishermen in the port of Klaipeda and Irma´s parents, their dog Stotele. Gediminas Zokaitis on the curonian spit who walked to Kaliningrad by mistake just to find an image for his canvas. Jolanta, Lina, Vika and Martyna who share their food with me. Everthing is simple, I don´t mind at all. Essence comes to the surface and rules the day, makes it beautiful with everyday situations, which become the centrepoint – a wavy roof, a crack in the wall or a stone in the window. Everthing is waiting and is, what it is. Lithuania in June.